Zagat "Staples" Series with LJA Worcestershire

I had the honor of being a part of the Zagat "Staples" Series for my Worcestershire.  It's been such a hit, I've already Sold Out this batch, but don't worry, I will have more ready for bottling for the Holiday's!

It's likely that you have a bottle of worcestershire sauce in your kitchen. But how much do you really know about this condiment? Lady Jayne's Alchemy, a company located in upstate New York, is dusting off a centuries-old recipe and hand-making a fresh new version of this classic.


Zakary Pelaccio (my husband and partner in Fish & Game) won a 2016 James Beard Award (it's like the Academy Awards of the Food & Beverage world) for Best Chef Northeast.  It's an honorary award that we're all very proud of and the crew is not shy in admitting he couldn't have received it without us.