Ginger Champagne...I mean...errr...Wine.

So, back in November I decided to start a batch of Fresh Ginger Champagne.  It was so lively and active in its fermentation tank all winter long and into the Spring.  Then about 3 months ago, it started to fizz out.  I was certain something had gone wrong and was frustrated as many of my winter experiments ended up in the toilet (not by me via intestinal excreta, but by me pouring the disasters into the toilet), so I left it for dead.  

Last night, in a conquest to start some new wines and figure out how I was going to discard this “dead” Ginger Champagne, I opened the container and siphoned some out to taste before I tossed it.  Much to my surprise, it was elegant, delicious and still slightly effervescent.  I was ECSTATIC!  I still am in fact.  Today’s mission was to get it bottled so I can start another batch right away since it takes 10-12 months to complete.  I was able to bottle 13 375ml bottles and 4 1.5L bottles and there is still some in the fermentation tank because I ran out of bottles (DOH)!!

I am taking samples to Adam Schuman (the Fatty Crew bar manager / cocktail genius) for him to try, so I will pick up some used wine bottles to sanitize, strip of labels and fill with my own sweet nectar!

Here are some pictures from the day as well as the archaic corking method I am forced to use until I can get Lady Jayne’s products up and selling and invest in some better equipment.


Close up.  I didn’t filter it because it was already so clear and clarified in the fermentation tank.  I also like the idea of some gingery sediment at the bottom of the bottles, like old fashion ginger beer once had.


Squeezing the new corks in this contraption

Preparing it to fit over the top of the bottle

securing it on the top of the bottle

Push the lever down, which forces the cork into the bottle

its a cheap and clumsy contraption, so I have to secure the bottles between my knees so they don’t spill over while trying to force the corn into the bottle.  

Front Labels

back of bottle labels….DAMN IT, the upright one is totally crooked!  

Can I get some fucking robots here please?