Green Bean with Borage Kimchi

I finished production on the Green Bean with Borage Kimchi this afternoon, and so far, I couldn’t be happier with the flavors! 

I had the idea for bean and borage on Monday night because I had been in my garden and I tasted my borage (which is taking over the planet by the way) and it is reminiscent of cucumbers and oysters to me.  It’s oddly oceanic, in a good way.  I thought it would pair well with the kimchi and since beans are in season right now, seemed like a handsome fit.  I believe I was right in my assumption (I’m like the Yenta from Yentl with these pairing ideas!)

My method for this round was very simple and I opted out of the usual suspects I’ve add to my previous kimchi’s (garlic and ginger to be exact).  I used local beans from The Berry Farm in Chatham, NY (I LOVE this place) because my garden did not produce enough this year.  I pounded the beans to slightly bruise them and expose the juices in my Thai wood mortar.  I added sliced “breakfast” radish, coriander leaves, scallion, onion, borage flower buds and flowers as well as torn leaves. I tossed the vegetables in mineral roasted sea salt and allowed it to macerate for a while.

For the liquid to toss all the vegetables in, I took a few Boothby Blonde cucumbers from my garden and pureed them with some salted tiny shrimp, Korean chili powder, anchovy paste, Thai chili and well water and tossed everything together and packed it all into the fermenting tank.  It was honestly delicious before it went into the tank.  I don’t think this will have to sit in the tanks for more than a week, which is good because once again, Fatty ‘Cue (the new location at 50 Carmine in NYC) has already requested it for their opening menu for next week!!
I’m tellin’ y’all, if you want some of this stuff I’m making, you better request early because the Fatty Crew keeps buying it all!

Check out the photos from today…

Beans in the wood mortar

pounded beans and all the other deliciousness

The liquid ingredients before being pureed (cucumbers, radish, tiny salted shrimp)

close up.

the above being liquified with the Korean chili

before being smothered in sauce

after being smothered in sauce