I Haven't Been Lazy, I Swear!

Well HELLO!!  I’ll spare you the lengthy typed excuse as to why I have not updated my page for a while and will just let you know that it certainly wasn’t because I haven’t been busy.  How about a visual timeline summary in 20 steps starting with the beginning of the year to present day?

1: Had a birthday and was determined to look like Dolly.  This took a lot of time and consideration.

2: Went to Malaysia and almost hit a wild Elephant crossing the road while driving through the Highlands.

3: We had 2 day photo shoot with Bon Appetite magazine in our house for their July issue featuring Zak grilling.

4: Zak’s book launch party for Eat With Your Hands (which not to toot my horn too much, but I had an enormous amount of input and time into the completion of this book)

5: Worked our Amstel booth at the Miami Wine & Food Festival where we prepared 1,000 tastings of our Lamb Burger with Lady Jayne’s Worcestershire Sauce and Lady Jayne’s Salted Chilies and where many shots of Rowen’s Creek bourbon were absolutely necessary!

6: Had a private clay pigeon lesson with a new Beretta SV10 Perennia 1 20G shotgun at the Biltmore on the old Vanderbuilt property in Asheville, NC on our way to Atlanta (ps-I ain’t bad, so don’t fuck with me.  Seriously.)

7: We made it to Atlanta to work the Amstel event where we prepared 400 of the Lamb Burgers we did in Miami as well as 400 beef burgers with Lady Jayne’s Hand Churned Hot Mustard.

8: Zak & I left Atlanta and drove to Charleston, S.C to visit Sean Brock & eat some good southern food.  You know that stupid motto for Vegas “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”?  Well, that stupid motto applied to our trip in Charleston.  What is this picture?  Oh, that’s Sean & I passed out in a public park in the middle of the day.  mmm hum. 

9: We returned to our bitchin’ home in the Hudson Valley and started construction on a restaurant space in Hudson New York that Zak & I are opening together this fall, and then decided that we needed to expand our garden to feed our home and restaurant (this is really where all my time has been going)


10: Zak & I got a puppy!  His name is Waylon and he is a gazillion times cooler than any of us could ever be.

11: Made a 10 Gallon batch of Worcestershire Sauce in an attempt to try and get ahead on production because Rachael Ray loves my sauce and bought the last of my inventory in June (totally the tits, I know!!)

12: Just before the season ended I was able to get 21L of Rhubarb Kimchi in fermentation tanks, of which the kimchi is still in the tanks and are about ready to jar up.

13: Also before the season ended I was able to jar up some Sour Cherry Jam with fresh Coriander from our garden.

14: Experimented with doing Preserved Grapefruit, similar to lemons.  It turned out EXCELLENT!  Preserving seasoning is sea salt, sugar, star anis Zak brought back from a spice market in China and sweet paprika.

15: Busted out 12 quarts of Lady Jayne’s fine salted preserved chilies (with the wonderful help of a friend) for another Amstel event in Atlantic City (that luckily I did not have to attend).  No pictures for this because I was in the weeds y’all.

16: Went to a flea market in Woodstock NY and was inspired to start making my own bitters for our restaurant when I found this rad bar piece.  It looks like something from Naked Lunch.

17: Made those bitters!  One is dried orange with cardamom, caraway and star anis; the other is licorice root with vanilla, fresh lavender, sichuan peppercorns and muddled cherries.  They have another 10 days before they are ready.

18:  Remember my last post with the preserved citrus seasoned with pink pepper corns and fenugreek leaves?  Well it was so god damn delicious, Zak & I are using it for the Meatopia event in September…of which…I needed to produce A LOT MORE, like 18lbs more.


(I had to push the citrus down with my hands to squeeze out some juice post seasoning
 because I knew y’all would freak out if I used my feet.  it was one hell of a work out though, no joke.)

19: Started some more fish sauce, with local trout this time, and it went into a 4 grain barrel.

(the newly neutered and very patient Waylon got a whole raw trout for dinner)

20: And finally, I started a semimonthly column on Thursday’s with Hand Picked Nation, of which my first piece just launched this morning and is about the summer favorite food, CORN.

Okay, well that’s 20!  I honestly have more I could add to this list, but I’ll save it for another rainy day.  Grits.