Lady Jayne is back!

After 12 days of visiting my family in Austin, Texas where the temperature stayed above 102 degrees the entire time, and most days the index was a mere 110 degrees…Lady Jayne is back and ready to pick up the show again!  I have many great items and ideas coming up this month

This coming weekend I will post production on my newest kimchi - Green bean and Borage, as well as post some tasting notes on the No 4 Sauce that has been aging in a Rye barrel and production on some more Kumquat Wine for Fatty Crab West Village. 

my “Aunt Ida’s” Green Beans

my straggly Borage

In the immediate (like, as in tomorrow) I will pull more Rhubarb Kimchi from fermenting tanks and jar them up to be sent to Fatty ‘Cue Brooklyn and Fatty ‘Cue Manhattan (to be featured on their opening menu). 

I also filtered some Rhubarb vinegar last night…whew…I try and not waste any time

rhubarb vinegar - before being filtered

Stay Tuned this weekend for more deliciousness from Lady Jayne!