Lady Jayne's Alchemy.

Zak wrote a nice little piece on me for this weeks Alimentary Canal column.  It gives a little history and insight to some things I’ve been working on recently and some of the inspiration for them.

Most exciting, and mostly what the column was about, was all the bottling of my Worcestershire Sauce I did yesterday.  The Worcestershire sauce has been fermenting in a rye barrel for 9 months and it is going to be featured in our booth next week at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival during the burger bash, where Zak, David (our grand pal) and I will be grilling up some lamb burgers and serving them with Lady Jayne’s Worcestershire sauce, Lady Jayne’s salt & oil cured chillies & Pyrenees Brebis (French sheeps milk cheese) all smooched between English muffins!  Jesus Christ…I just got stupid hungry…

++++Check out some pictures from yesterday’s production++++

hammering the peg out of the barrel

There it is!

We still haven’t completely moved into our new house, so all my production supplies are still packed in storage.  I had to drain this barrel into a carboy, so I could lift it to pour into the smaller bottles.  You’ll see below.  It was a lot of unnecessary work and it was great motivation for me to unpack my boxes and find my siphon!

Beautiful liquid!

As mentioned above, this was all a less than ideal way of getting my production bottled, but it was the best I could do with what I had in the time limit I have…that shit gets heavy…I really could have used those robots I requested back when I was bottling the Ginger Wine!  That and a fucking harness for my back.

Now into the bottles.

All ready for the labels.


 Stay up to date as I sense a website coming soon…maybe even a merchant website!