Rhubarb: Kimchi & Tinctures

I LOVE rhubarb.  Not in the same context that most people do, where it’s masked with sugar and probably some strawberries.  I mean, I love rhubarb in it’s natural earthy, musky, sour and savory self.  I like to nibble on it and allow my tasters to pucker and activate.  I like to make rhubarb tinctures and sip on it to help my belly digest.  I like to ferment it into kimchi and literally eat it with everything.

I had the idea to make it into a kimchi at the beginning of the season because I was anxious for a new way to utilize the great flavor and cell structure of this peculiar vegetable (don’t be mistaken, it’s really a vegetable not a fruit).  It started as a small test to see how it would hold up, how it would taste, how it would develop.  The turn out was so successful that when Zakary Pelaccio went in for a full mouth taste of it, he smiled big, swallowed and said “No joke baby, that’s the best kimchi i’ve had yet”.  I couldn’t have been happier with it as well.  I am now working with 2 fermentation vessels (stashed in the basement upstate) and will be serving it up at Fatty ‘Cue until I can’t get rhubarb anymore (hopefully up till the fall).  It’s lactic fermented and wonderfully active!  If you have some at ‘Cue and fall in love with it, let me know, I am more than happy to sell you a jar!

Rhubarb Kimchi before going into fermentation vessel

Rhubarb Kimchi in fermentation vessel

Glorious Rhubarb Kimchi plated and on the menu at Fatty ‘Cue - $7, and totally worth it!

Rhubarb with Cardamon Tincture (excellent for tummy ailments as well as flavoring your vodka or gin cocktails!)