I am a chef, culinary historian, and food scientist. I have dedicated 20 years to focusing on fermentation as a way of minimizing food waste and enhancing flavors and nutrition through a process I call whole utilization. I offer comprehensive online classes with The Fermentation School, where I teach you simple ways to turn your forgotten foods into inspired ingredients.

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My herbal extractions are truly the work of turning the ordinary into something extraordinary. All the plants I work with are wild harvested or sustainably sourced from organic suppliers. I create plant medicine, potions and remedies that hone in on nutritional value and bioavailability.

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There are invisible forces at work in Jori Jayne Emde’s house.

-Jeff Gordinier, The New York Times Magazine

Jori is a skilled preserver — her creations are imaginative and immensely ethical

Colie Collen, And North

A woman who is fascinated by the world of fermentation… [she] creates a new food world from a small garden... a beautiful witch.

Yuriko Kobayashi, Paper Sky

There is a long and storied folk tradition of women—witches, healers, midwives—who use time-honored practices and ancient herbal remedies to assuage everything from heartache to hives. Jori Jayne Emde has taken up this mantle and, through a combination of study, intuition and experimentation, crafts all manner of elixirs, tonics and bespoke potions…

Laura Silverman, Edible Hudson Valley