Fermentation Workshop Ticket

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Fermentation Workshop Ticket

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Class Price is $120 (includes light lunch with refreshments)

Participants will be able to work hands on with projects, watch demo’s, eat a light lunch composed of items presented in the class and get to take home some experiments to complete as well as a recipe packet of items presented in the class.  The class will focus on Emde's unique process of Whole Utilization (tm): maximizing the yield from a single ingredient by creating multiple recipes and fermentations from each ingredient.


1.) Lesson about the 3 steps methods of vinegar production and how vinegar is made

2.) Learn hands on 1 Step Method vinegar production: the class will make vinegar using peels and pits from lunch prep with bases of beer, wine and high proof alcohol using Jori’s 1 step method. Participants will take home projects to finish fermenting at home.

3.) Learn how to test the PH of homemade vinegars for home canning pickles

4.) Method of Quick Pickles

5.) Light Lunch composed of ingredients produced during the class

A little bit about Jori Jayne Emde....

Jori Jayne Emde is an accomplished chef, bon vivant, and the producer of unique wild bespoke ferments, elixirs, remedies, concoctions, potions, and fragrances. Besides providing Fish & Game, the James Beard Award-winning restaurant she founded with her husband and co-chef Zakary Pelaccio, with many of its distinctive fermented ingredients, she also sells her own line of products under the label Lady Jayne’s Alchemy. (www.ladyjaynesalchemy.com).